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 LK HotKey Pro version 5.0.2 available for download!
  * See Whats New? for details.

 LK SendIt version 3.0.6 released & available for download!
  * See Whats New? for details.

 LK HotKey Pro version 5.0 RC1 available for download!
  * Fully rewritten!
  * Now trial. ( Max 10 HotKeys in trial version. )

 LK Database! version 1.2 released!
  * A lot of improvements!
  * LKBinDB 1.2   20% - 40% faster than 1.0 or 1.1.
  * See Perfomance tests!
  * Demo now available ( not online ).!
  * Free updates to all version 1.0, 1.1 users! Write me!

 LK Database! version 1.1 released!
  * Supported SQL become more flexible:
  * 'DELETE' statement now support 'LIMIT':
    DELETE FROM tblname WHERE conditions
    [LIMIT [offset,]rows]

  * Free updates to all version 1.0 users! Just write me!

 Just a two news-lines tooday:

  * First of all, due to many requests of LK Database Example, we wrote a small example.
 This example demonstrates basic usage of LK Bin Database.
 Example can be found in download page.

 In archive you can also find admin.cgi file.
 This file will not work with out of LK Database files,
 but if you are a perl programmer you can understand
 basics of working with LK Database.
  ... also see ReadMe.txt in archive.

  * And the second: We will unavailable from 10.07 till 18.07.
 So please be patient, we will answers all e-mails as soon as possible...

 LK Encoder 2.7 Ready for download.

 New Product available: LK Database!
 This is the best Database solution available on the net, which allows you to get ALL
 functions of standard Database with SQL* support.
 And you don't need to install any special software like mySQL ...
 ALL JUST using two or more perl scripts!

 Welcome back to LK Software web site!

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