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  LKBinDB Demo:


DEMO includes:
  - LKBinDb 1.0 Demo
  - LK BinDB myAdmin based on "LKBinDb 1.0 Demo"
  - Console Example based on "LKBinDb 1.0 Demo"
  - Supported SQL description.
  - Sample database 'DB1'

DEMO limitations:
  - LKBinDb 1.0 is slower 20-40% than LKBinDb 1.2
  - No functions : FindKey and FindKeyEx

SQL limitations:
  - DELETE with out of 'LIMIT'
  - SELECT with out of 'ORDER BY' AND 'INTO tblname'
  - INSERT with out of 'VALUES', only version with 'SET'
  - NOT supported in SQL statements: 'like', '~', '!~'
  - You will not see an error message, when executing wrong query!

Demo can be downloaded on Download page.

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