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  LKBinDB Readme:

#       ----------------------
#          LK Bin Database
#       ----------------------
#       Database management system (DBMS).
#         File: Readme.txt
#  Description: Instructions for how to install, setup and use LK Bin Database.
#       Author: Kysil Yuriy
#        Email:
#          Web:
#      Version: 1.2
# Copyright 2001-2002 LK Software.  All Rights Reserved.
# This program is being distributed as shareware.  It may be used and
# modified free of charge for personal, academic or non-profit
# use, so long as this copyright notice and the header above remain intact.
# Any commercial use should be registered.  Please also send me an email,
# and let me know where you are using this script.
# Selling the code for this program without prior written consent is
# expressly forbidden.  Obtain permission before redistributing this
# program over the Internet or in any other medium.  In all cases
# copyright and header must remain intact.
# Please check the README file for full details on registration.
# =====================================================================

Revision History:
    09.11, 2002: Version 1.2 Released
                - LKBinDB works 20% - 40% faster than 1.0 or 1.1
                - Code improvements.
    26.09, 2002: Version 1.1 Released
                - Bug fixes in SQL ( in 'UPDATE' )
                - Append function optimized
                - SQL support additions ( 'DELETE' .... with 'LIMIT' )

    06.01, 2002: Version 1.0 Released
                - Fully rewritten
                - Min memory usage
                - SQL support additions

    20.01, 2001: Version 0.1 Released
                - Added 'ORDER BY' to supported SQL
                - Few bug fixes.

    10.01, 2001: Version 0.01 Released
    			- First release.


    1. Welcome
        1.1 About the Script
        1.2 Registration
    2. Installation
    3. Problems

1. Welcome
LK Bin Database is a shareware database system that can work with a flat
file (binary) database for you. 
It includes small application called LKBinDB myAdmin which provides a web
interface to your database
to do such tasks as add, remove, modify and of course search (using SQL).

This database is quite fast considering the information is stored
in a flat (binary) file database. There is no upper limits on either
the number of fields you can have, or the number of records. Search
speed will slowly degrade as your database grows.

This program has been tested on the following platforms: 
Win 98/2k/XP & Linux RedHat 7.2, Mandrake 7, Mandrake 8.1,
should work on any system with a working Perl 5.

1.1 Registration

LK Bin Database is being distributed as shareware. 
Registration is $89 US. Please make checks payable to 
Kysil Yuriy., and mail them to:

        Kysil Yuriy.
        Kolcevaya doroga 1, kv 127.
        Kiev 03134.

You can also pay by credit card on the web at:
I also ask that if you use LK Bin Database, you let me know where it is
setup (a link to my site would also be nice, though not 

2. Installation

All files in the archive should have the following permissions:
*.*		(644)       -rw-r--r--

Thats All!
Now just require to your project.

2.1. Installation of LKBinDB myAdmin
The only file that should be accessible from the net is action.cgi.
It Should have permissions: (755)       -rwxr--r--

Make sure you edit action.cgi and check that the path to perl points to
Perl 5 or better.

3. Problems

If you have any problems during the setup, please mail me:

Good Luck!
Kysil Yuriy.

Copyright © 1998-2002, Kysil Yuriy & LK Software®. All Rights Reserved.

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